Enerxon specialise in exotic alloys as well as carbon steel and stainless steel.
Our materials include:

  • Special Alloys.
  • Duplex & Super Duplex.
  • Heat Resisting Grades.
  • Stainless Steels.
  • Carbon Steel.
  • Precipitation Hardened.
  • Carbon & Alloy Steels.
  • Non-Ferrous.

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Enerxon has extensive experience in all aspects of welding and welding inspections. Our expertise includes processes and knowledge of common defects associated with each of them. We are experts in different welding codes and standards worldwide.

Whether it is a pressure vessel, pipeline, or structural weld, we can explain the nature of any failure related to welding. Furthermore, we can readily address the various inspections and non-destructive testing required to establish a weld’s integrity.

We provide services to the oil and gas industry, consumer products, refinery, pipelines, piping systems, structural welding, heat exchangers, mining, and food process equipment.


Worldwide Welding and Full Scale Production Services

  • Welding of Super Duplex and High Alloy Materials for Subsea Systems.
  • Manual, Orbital and Mechanised Welding Capabilities.
  • Welding of Critical Components for Deepwater Production Applications.
  • Narrow Gap GTA Welding for High Fatigue Riser Applications.
  • Manual and Orbital Welding of Topside Control Systems.
  • Welding of High Strength Coiled Pipe and Tubing for Flowline and Downhole Operations.
  • Full Scale Production Welding Support.

Welding Engineering Consulting Services

  • Welding Engineering for Deepwater Systems.
  • Materials and Welding Specification Development.
  • Field Welding Engineering and Inspection Services.
  • Quality Systems Management.
  • Welding Systems Specification and Application Training.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
  • Welding Research and Development.

Welding Procedure Development and Qualification

  • Specialised Weldability Testing.
  • Welding Metallurgy and Failure Analysis.
  • Welding Process and Systems Development.
  • Welding Consumable Evaluation and Development.
  • Training and Certification – Welder Qualification Testing.


Special Components (CNC)


Enerxon designs and manufactures a unique range of components and assemblies made from carbon steel, stainless steels and a wide range of special and exotic metals.
Our component range includes precision tubes and needles, CNC machined parts, wire-forms and laser-cut foils.

Enerxon offers a design consultancy service which guides customers through available processes and manufacturability of components.

Enerxon meets customers’ requirements from first concept, through prototypes to pilot- and full-scale production, always weighing the economic and technical benefits from using alternative designs and manufacturing processes.