Our Vision

Enerxon’s sustainable development mission is to create long term added value in all our activities worldwide to make a continuous, positive and responsible contribution for all our stakeholders.

Our objectives are to increase and promote:

  • Impact assessments and long-term analyses of social, economic and environmental issues.
  • The implementation of pragmatic processes enhancing our relationships with both internal and
    external stakeholders.
  • The personal and professional growth of our people.
  • The achievement of concrete initiatives with demonstrated added value.

Our Commitment

The key to achieving our ambition to be the best-in-class company for sustainable development within our sector lies in our ability to make a permanent, proactive and positive contribution to social, economic and environmental aspects in all our activities following the principles below:

  • Integrate sustainable development as a fundamental part of our business development strategy.
  • Undertake sustainability impact assessments in all our projects as early as possible.
  • Boost local employability, increase retention and employee’s satisfaction.
  • Respect and protect human rights.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our activities and those of our clients.
  • Foster and support long-term development actions for local communities in the countries where we operate.


Innovation is Enerxon’s first key to guaranteeing our strategy in order to build a more efficient, secure and sustainable competitiveness model.

We are decisively committed to technological innovation in all of our processes throughout the company, providing crucial leverage to ensure sustainable continual improvements across time in managing our potential environmental and social impacts, reducing our risks and increasing our business opportunities in a sustainable manner to find better solutions to the challenges we face.

Enerxon believe that collaborative and inclusive innovation will help us to maintain our leadership and will
allow us to extend the scope of our services to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Through innovation our company looks for new business opportunities which may emerge in the industries we are working for.