Project Management

Enerxon delivers complex solutions in challenging locations around the world. We integrate the activities of engineering, procurement, manufacturing, fabrication and construction to meet client expectations.

Our project management experience covers all types of services and contracts, ranging from project management consultancy services to all types of contractual relationships.

  • Enerxon has established systems, tools, procedures and processes which are used consistently for project management functions in diverse locations.
  • State Steady Modelling.
  • Finite Element Modelling.
  • Energy Analysis.
  • Flow Assurance Studies.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic.

Project Risk Management

Enerxon has developed a complete and comprehensive expertise in project risk management. This expertise is part of the added-value service that Enerxon provides to its customers for all types of projects.

Enerxon’s risk management process encompasses all phases of the project life-cycle and covers all aspects such as commercial strategy, financial assets, contractual, technical, safety and environment which are evaluated with respect to uncertainties or risks for the project, customer and Enerxon.